• Consumers spend over 7 times longer listening to commercial radio than reading newspapers (146 minutes per day* compared with 19 minutes per day).

• Based on an average weekday morning, 80% of people will listen to radio while 62% read newspapers**.

• Newspapers have the highest ad avoidance levels at 68%^. Radio is only 16%!

• People are six times^^ more likely to go to an advertiser's website if they heard the advertisement on radio.

• 78% ^^ of research respondents exposed to radio advertising either visited a website, Facebook page or searched for the brand online within 24 hours.

• 64%^^ of listeners have responded to radio advertising in the last twelve months.

• Studies show that people are up to 44%^^ more engaged while listening to their favourite radio station, in comparison to other media & advertising content.

• Radio is extremely cost effective^^ – try finding another media that rivals radio’s reach, frequency and impact!

• Salaries in northern WA are 34% higher than the national average

• $7.3 billion – estimated disposable income in regional WA*

• FIFO workers have an average of 7-10% more time off than office workers, meaning more money PLUS more time off to spend it! 

• REDFM keeps miners entertained during long and exhausting shifts, resulting in a tuned in, 100% captive audience.

• The majority of minesites operate on 12-hour shifts, resulting in two ‘peak audiences’, unlike any other advertising medium.

• Most key purchasing personnel reside on-site. With virtually all workplaces today having radio access, REDFM makes it easy to reach these fundamental decision makers.

• Most fly in, fly out workers reside on site with no living expenses, meaning they spend most of their hard-earned cash in Perth.

• Many FIFO’s are lucrative spenders, indulging in a wide range of products and services when on break.




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