Driving. Walking. Working. Cleaning. Shopping. Radio can reach listeners anywhere, anytime, instantly. It’s around us all the time, and it has become a staple in our everyday lives. With 77.6% (8.7 million*) Australians tuning in every week, radio is one of the most cost effective advertising mediums for your business.

How radio can work for you;

Cut-through. Why waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested? Radio allows you to target your audience based on time, location and demographic - ensuring maximum return for your investment. People listening are also 32% more engaged with radio than any other medium, which means it’s the best way to reach your desired audience.

Cost effective. Only pay for what you need! Radio not only allows you to zero-in a specific audience, you can also target them within specific time slots, including Breakfast (5.30am to 9am), Morning (9am to noon), Afternoon (12 to 4pm), Drive (4pm to 7pm), Evening (7pm to midnight), or Run of Station (ROS – all time slots).

Connectivity. Radio is one of the only mediums that people can use while multi-tasking. Its accessibility gives it a unique edge over newspapers and television, and it also means you’re able to target listeners at a time when your advertising will have the most influence - like driving to the shops, or browsing the internet. In fact, a whopping 64% of listeners take action based on what they heard on radio. What other medium can boast that?

Current. Did you know over 80% of listeners who hear a pertinent radio ad, also visit the website? Radio ads can be easily integrated with new technology, including online, mobile and social media, to expand your business presence. Compared to other mediums, radio advertising can also be created and changed with short notice. That means you can keep your message fresh and relevant at all times.

Commercial radio kicks a$$. On average, commercial radio reaches 78% of Australians, who listen for an average of 19 hours and 34 minutes every week. 69% consider radio ads to be informative, 60% are time-poor, 51% switch brands for a better deal, and 50% travel by car to work or study**. These odds sound pretty good, right? That’s because they are!


*Source: Neilsen Media Research, Radio Advisor, Averaged Over 5 Capital Cities, Survey 1-3 2007, All People 10+, Mon-Sun 530am-12midnight

**Source: Nielsen Media Reearch, Panorama Survey 6-2010, all people aged 14+